Board Director

Danny Kennedy

As the CEO of New Energy Nexus, Danny leads the organization in supporting diverse entrepreneurs to drive innovation and build equity into the global clean energy economy, while striving towards 100% clean energy for 100% of the population. Among many roles, he is also the managing director of the California Clean Energy Fund, overseeing the $24 million CalSEED grant program for very early stage startups and is an adviser to Young Greentech Entrepreneurs in China with the Asia Society. He also serves as President of CalCharge, a public-private partnership with the Department of Energy national labs, California universities, unions, and companies to advance energy storage. Kennedy is an entrepreneur at heart: he co-founded Sungevity in 2007, and Powerhouse, an innovation firm and fund in Oakland, CA. He was the first backer of Mosaic in 2011, the $1 billion solar loan provider, and remains on the Board of Powerhive, a solar mini-utility in Kenya. Kennedy authored Rooftop Revolution: How Solar Power Can Save Our Economy – and Our Planet – from Dirty Energy in 2012.