As a vertically integrated engine for climate innovation, our unique combination of accelerator + venture funding + strategic partner network offers an unprecedented ecosystem for supporting corporate innovation, venture, and R&D divisions.

We’re cultivating the most-promising, early-stage startups addressing billion-dollar markets in the areas of hard science, hardware, software, and business model innovation… and harnessing the power of corporate partners to give the most-promising solutions pathways to scale.

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Founding Partners

Strategic Partners

Supporting innovation, venture, and R&D divisions


Uncovering solutions

Our global network of corporate partners gets first access to world-changing startups. With an annual cohort of 30–50 solutions from around the world, we identify and de-risk startups to meet the specific technology needs of corporate partners, especially in areas where corporate commitments such as climate goals seem difficult or even impossible to achieve.

Seamless investment opportunities

Our investor partners offer each startup selected an optional $100k convertible note and bring $880M+ of follow-on funding to fill in a technology's gaps between "too early" and "ready." This boosts our startups' ability to work most effectively with corporate partners, and facilitates better deal-making more quickly.

Maximizing startups’ potential

We coach startups on investability, business models, and monetization pathways in a bespoke environment. Applying RMI's unparalleled market insights, policy access, and networks gives corporate innovations a superior advantage.

Addressing billion-dollar markets

Corporate partners give startups their best shot at reaching scale, especially in complex value chains that are hard for startups to otherwise break into. At the same time, we're raising the market tide in key areas such that it raises all our corporate boats.

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Because together, we can accelerate the rate of climate innovation.
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