Welcome to our inaugural class of startups: Cohort 417. Comprising nearly 50 promising companies from around the globe, they're the largest climate tech innovation cohort the world has ever seen. No other similar program or venture boasts so many startups in their cohorts, but the magnitude of the climate crisis challenge demands a bigger, bolder approach.

Why 'Cohort 417'? Our inaugural cohort is named for this year’s peak atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration of 417.1 parts per million (ppm), based on the Keeling Curve, recorded in May 2020—which is when we put out our first call for applicants. It's a uniquely fitting reminder of the common mission that brings us all together: rising to meet the size and urgency of the climate crisis.

We called. The world responded.

When we opened the application process for our inaugural cohort, more than 620 startups from 61 countries and 6 continents answered the call. 

Deliberately diverse.

An estimated two-thirds of global GHG emissions comes from hard-to-abate sectors (see pie chart below), where innovation will be especially important. That's why the startups of Cohort 417 span hardware, software, business model and finance innovation, and other solutions. And just as importantly, they represent the world's major GHG-emitting sectors of the economy. We've thoughtfully curated the sector breakdown diversity of Cohort 417 to similarly reflect global sources of GHG emissions.

Be part of our next cohort.

Because together, we can accelerate the rate of climate innovation.
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